Dachshund - TH01

Dachshund is almost too humble for his own good - in the sense that his hard drive is filled with unreleased gems that he either didn’t believe were strong enough, or even more often,  that he forgot about, due to an extremely busy production schedule honoring requests from labels such as Gruuv, Noir Music, Fantastic Friends and his own Clapper.

So we are happy to have gotten our hands on this belter, mysteriously called TH01, a perfect fit for Paparazzi Records – pumping raw shuffled energy, Dachshund’s signature head slicing hi-hats and a strange voice mumbling  incomprehensible but strangely arousing words on dark synth pads.

The package comes with a dub version and a chill-out remix by newcomer “Hotel de la Plage”, one to watch.